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Build A Mastermind Program

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Build A Mastermind Program
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Founder(s) / Leadership:

Brad Hart (Make More Marbles)

  • Online Only
# Attendees / Members:
  • < 50
$$$ Program : (Under $10K)
Event / Community Theme(s):
  • Business Development

Add an additional $100k+ in profit to your business in 5-10 hours a month


They are a coach, consultant or other service based entrepreneur who wants to fast track to a successful mastermind or group program, learning the scientifically proven way to do market research, brand, promote sell, facilitate and lead a mastermind group for fun and profit! If they do the work and follow the steps laid out, with our ongoing support they will have 10+ clients by the time we're done working together and be off to the races!

This is the most comprehensive offering Brad has seen in this space. He has bought everyone's offer now and there's nothing else that's as robust, tackling all the lead generation strategies, sales training, offer creation and iteration, systems, and more!



With 20 years as an entrepreneur and 16 years managing wealth under his belt, Brad Hart is committed to helping entrepreneurs and investors reach their full potential, so they can focus on solving the grand challenges of our time. With extensive experience in real estate, investments, trading, marketing, sales and peak performance strategy, he’s built and helped build several companies, growing revenues and profits into the millions of dollars. His hedge fund, Hartwood Capital, returned 106% in profit in a single year. From co-leading a mastermind of 52 people in China and Hong Kong, to holding mastermind groups in Bali, Italy, Greece and all over the US, Brad has been a part of 26 masterminds and started 8 himself, including a local weekly mastermind group with 300 members. Build A Mastermind (or BAM for short) is his latest initiative, helping entrepreneurs to add $100k+ to their businesses in profit per year with only 5-10 hours a month ongoing time commitment. Brad is a graduate of Binghamton University where he received a BS in Biology and rowed on the Crew team, as well as worked as an EMT. He has also contributed to Forbes (see article here!).


This could be your tribe if you:
-  have a coaching, consulting or otherwise service based business where you interact with clients and want an additional plug and play revenue stream
- have a track record of success and client testimonials
- have a charitable, giving mindset and have done personal development work

This is definitely NOT your tribe if:
- you don't have a proven system or methodology
- you have never attended a mastermind
- you aren't coachable


Admission details: Apply on the Build A Mastermind site!

Founding year: 2018
Average cohort: 25
Length of program: 3 months


Free San Diego Mastermind | Free Facebook Group


Attendee / Member Type:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
Business Size (Annual Revenue):
  • Low to mid 6-figures
  • Mid to high 6-figures
  • 7-figures
  • 8-figures
  • 9-figures and up
Attendee / Member Industries:
  • Digital Marketing
  • Health + Wellness
  • Media + Entertainment
  • Non-Profit + Cause-Related
  • Sales + Investment
  • Travel, Venues + Hospitality
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