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Founder(s) / Leadership:

Allyn Reid (WooManity)

  • Online & In-Person Meetup(s)
# Attendees / Members:
  • < 50
$$$ Mastermind : (Around $15K)
Event / Community Theme(s):
  • Business Development
  • Leadership
  • Wellness and/or Spirituality
Chasing the zone of genius was so 2000 and late. Get 3008 and patch in to your zone of soul.

Mindset. Heart-based living. This is beyond working myopically with your biology. This is about integrating them and engaging your soul as the captain of your reality.


Allyn Reid is a community builder, producer and facilitator who is dedicated to helping you live a fulfilling life by helping you activate your relationship with your soul.


This could be your tribe if you:
- have done inner work but feeling capped in being able to access the next level of your consciousness
- are ready to take responsibility for yourself
- reached your successes but feel like something is amiss

This is definitely NOT your tribe if:
- you'd like for someone else to do the work for you
- you think you are "woke", "spiritually evolved" or have a hard identification on any of the spiritual BS that makes you "special-er" than others. (ex: you're spiritual in private and an asshat at work)
- you're about being right


Admission details: Rolling admission, submit via the WooManity site to connect with Allyn and feel out fit

Founding year: 2018
Average number in cohort: 10
Virtual support cadence: First 60 days - Weekly 1:1. Then bi-weekly.
In-person meetup cadence: Quarterly as a group
Length of membership: Custom

Attendee / Member Type:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Startup founders
  • Corporate professionals/ Intrapreneurs
  • Online businesses
  • Brick & mortar business owners
  • Coaches+ consultants
Business Size (Annual Revenue):
  • Mid to high 6-figures
  • 7-figures
  • 8-figures
  • 9-figures and up
Attendee / Member Industries:
  • Animal Services + Products
  • Apparel + Accessories
  • Beauty + Cosmetics
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Food, Bev + Agri
  • Health + Wellness
  • IT + Software
  • Manufacturing + Fulfillment
  • Media + Entertainment
  • Non-Profit + Cause-Related
  • Personal + Lifestyle Brands
  • Physical Products + Retail
  • Sales + Investment
  • Travel, Venues + Hospitality
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