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Founder(s) / Leadership:

Chelsea Ford (Females in Food)

  • Online & In-Person Meetup(s)
# Attendees / Members:
  • 151-500
$ Membership : (Under $50/month)
Event / Community Theme(s):
  • Business Development

Helping women build amazingly successful food & drink businesses. Be part of an empowered collective and a brighter future for women in food & drink!


At Females in Food we celebrate all women who make it, bake it and shake it! And we created our members' club for women who feel like:
- "No one gets me"
- "I'm not sure where to start"
- "I'm in the kitchen all day and can't figure out how to grow my business"
- "I'm doing everything on my own and keep running out of time"
- "Cash flow is a real struggle"


Females in Food is a membership for women in food and drink to get business advice, resources and inspiration - small business owners, artisans, makers, creators, producers & business women. It is our mission to help women build amazingly successful food & drink businesses.

Women inside our members' club benefit from accessing resources specific to the food & drink industry, connect with women who know what you are going through because they have 'been there, done that' and be inspired to keep going when it all just gets too lonely and overwhelming to do it all by yourself.

✓ Bi-weekly group calls
✓ 24 hour access to Resource Hub and monthly masterclasses
✓ Admission to our members-only Facebook group
✓ Action Buddy program to help you stay accountable to your goals


This is access to niche content that serves and supports the specific requirements of the food and drink industry with access to experts who do not gather in any other 'one' place including access to founder and industry expert, Chelsea Ford who has been building food & drink businesses for almost thirty years.


Chelsea Ford is the founder of Females in Food; award-winning business coach and mentor; growth specialist and advocate for women-led small businesses; and a bonafide, gold-plated, passionate foodie.


This could be your tribe if you:
- want more time to create more fantastic food or drink products
- want to build a rewarding lifestyle with your food & drink business
- want to know the next step to take to build a successful food & drink business

This is definitely NOT your tribe if:
- you're not a woman in food or beverage :)
- you don’t have a need to fast track knowledge on the following topics and beyond: food label regulations, food & drink safety & quality, marketing, cash flow management, distribution, packaging design, nutrition panel information and pricing strategy


Admission details: Rolling admission
Founding year: 2016
Average number in group: 200
Length of membership:


Kiosk. Women in Food & Drink FB Group

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Attendee / Member Type:
  • Startup founders
  • Brick & mortar business owners
  • Small business+ side hustles
Business Size (Annual Revenue):
  • Under 6-figures
  • Low to mid 6-figures
  • Mid to high 6-figures
Attendee / Member Industries:
  • Food, Bev + Agri
  • Health + Wellness
  • Manufacturing + Fulfillment
  • Physical Products + Retail
  • Travel, Venues + Hospitality
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