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10X Business Bootcamp : Sales & Marketing

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Founder(s) / Leadership:

Grant & Elena Cardone (Cardone Enterprises)

  • In-Person Only
# Attendees / Members:
  • 51-150
Date: January 20, 2022 - January 22, 2022
Location: Hollywood, FL USA
$$$$ Event : (Begins under $5K)
Event / Community Theme(s):
  • Business Development


Double your sales in 60 days - Grant will build you a world-class sales team that wins you bigger deals, in less time, with half the work. Learn sales techniques, marketing strategies and business development tactics.

This opportunity was built for leadership struggling with the following bottlenecks:
- you're not hitting the sales levels or profits you need
- your growth has been flat
- you need your exec team to sync with your sales team
- your staff lacks vision to drive and build the business
- you need fresh business ideas, strategic planning or can't clearly see your business problems
- you need to create a new business culture and inspire staff

If you have ever wanted the chance to learn directly from Grant Cardone and his team on how to IMMEDIATELY increase your sales and income, this is your move.


For 30 years Grant Cardone has been helping everyone from individual sales professionals to Fortune 50 companies, build, implement, and execute high efficiency sales processes and education programs that produce predictable record-breaking results. Having built 4 companies that produce over $100 million per year in annual sales, people have always wondered how they could achieve those same results for themselves.

  • Celebrity Brand your Business
  • BRAND Yourself So Your Customer NEVER Forgets You
  • Create A Plan For Growing Your Business At 10X Levels
  • Build a World Class Sales Machine
  • Create the PERFECT Follow Up Strategy
  • Build INSTANT TRUST With Customers
  • ​Why People Buy & Why They Don’t Buy
  • ​Attract the BEST Talent In The World
  • ​Keep People Engaged At 10X LEVELS
  • Create a 10X CULTURE
  • ​Build a 10X Team
  • ​And Much More!


Grant Cardone is a New York Times bestselling author, international social media influencer, the number-one sales trainer in the world, renowned speaker on leadership, real estate, investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance. He owns five companies with annual revenues exceeding $150 million and holds over $1 billion in real estate assets. Mr. Cardone is creator of the Cardone Foundation which provides mentoring and financial literacy education to at-risk people. Along with that, his company, Cardone Capital, a private equity firm offers funding opportunities to a variety of investors in overlooked markets.


Grant Cardone- CEO, Cardone Enterprises
Frank Kern- Creative Director, Cardone Kern Agency
Brandon Dawson- Co-founder, Cardone Vebtures
Sheri Hamilton- COO
Jarrod Glandt- VP
Todd Straugh- Sales Director


This could be your tribe if you:
- appreciate straight-shooter advice on dissolving fears, increasing belief in yourself, eliminating procrastination, and providing yourself with an overwhelming sense of purpose
- are determined to rise above outdated, unworkable middle class myths and limitations in order to achieve true freedom for yourself and your family
- you know you're capable of more, you just need to workshop through your specific challenges

This is definitely NOT your tribe if:
- creating a legacy for your family is not on your list of priorities or you can't imagine waking up before sunrise to advance your empire
- you hesitate to take action, hit targets, or make decisions
- you're content with your sales, profits, growth and team dynamics


Admission details / price tiers:  Reserve your seats directly on their site, VIP option available to lunch daily with Grant and his team and join exclusive networking opportunities
Length: 3-day event
Dates: January 20-22, 2022
Location: Hollywood, Florida, USA


10X Growth Conference 4

Connect with Grant on social! Instagram | Facebook

Connect with Elena on social! Instagram | Facebook

Attendee / Member Type:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Startup founders
  • Corporate professionals/ Intrapreneurs
  • Online businesses
  • Brick & mortar business owners
  • Small business+ side hustles
  • Coaches+ consultants
Business Size (Annual Revenue):
  • Low to mid 6-figures
  • Mid to high 6-figures
  • 7-figures
  • 8-figures
  • 9-figures and up
Attendee / Member Industries:
  • Animal Services + Products
  • Apparel + Accessories
  • Beauty + Cosmetics
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Food, Bev + Agri
  • Health + Wellness
  • IT + Software
  • Manufacturing + Fulfillment
  • Media + Entertainment
  • Personal + Lifestyle Brands
  • Physical Products + Retail
  • Sales + Investment
  • Travel, Venues + Hospitality
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