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Founder(s) / Leadership:

Bobby Stocks - Co Founder
Rob Sekel - Co Founder

  • Online Only
# Attendees / Members:
  • 51-150
$$ Membership: (Under $100/month)
Event / Community Theme(s):
  • Business Development

My team helped me generate $5 million last year… and now I’m opening them up to you to help build YOUR business.


The Boiler Room is a team of accountability coaches and subject matter experts.   Their main objective is to guide entrepreneurs and businesses that want to grow exponentially in marketing, strategy, copywriting, media buying, and sales. This team is selfishly looking for winners because winning breeds more winning! They believe the fastest way to create winners is to get them around each other. In the trenches. Making it happen every day.

The Boiler Room isn’t about hanging with a bunch of marketing beasts.  With the guidance, training, and strategies to demolish any roadblocks in your way, the Boiler Room Team are doing something new.


The Boiler Room’s team is already in the trenches everyday and making millions with their proven skills in:

- Copywriting
- Marketing Strategy
- Accountability & Coaching
- Media Buying
- Sales

You will receive support in a private Facebook Group in the form of calls. Inside this Facebook group is where you get access to private calls where you can have your questions on marketing campaigns, sales pitches, mindset ….all handled right on the spot.

You will also have access to:

  • Hundreds of hours of pre-recorded calls 
  • Training’s from our $5,000 course unlocked every single month…
  • 3 paid trainings that people are paying experts for every month RIGHT NOW!


The Boiler Room's founders and team's core philosophy when it comes to delivering value is posed with one question, " How can we make it feel like their stealing from us?"


Bobby Stocks is an accomplished serial entrepreneur with vast advertising, marketing, and business growth skills. Bobby is a business strategist who's talented team of 25, will predictably grow and scale your business for you using his proven systems and “chess move,”  like thinking.   Bobby is a renowned business strategist who has an unmatched ability to help grow your business and leave the competition shaking in the corner wondering where all their sales went. 

Rob Sekel built his reputation through hard work, innovative thinking, client advocacy. Rob sets his expectations high. He quickly rose to the top as one of the youngest top producers about a decade ago when he first entered the mortgage industry. Rob believes that it’s easy to be successful if you have a passion and love for what you do.


This could be your tribe if you:

- you are obsessive about reaching your goals
- you are looking to hit 50K a month
- you need guidance, training, & strategies

This is definitely NOT your tribe if:

- you are a dabbler
- you are waiting on something or someone to make it happen for you
- you believe in motivational tools with no action


Admission details: Rolling admission, apply through their website
Average number in group: 100
Length of membership: ongoing monthly subscription


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Attendee / Member Type:
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Freelancers
  • Startup founders
  • Corporate professionals/ Intrapreneurs
  • Online businesses
  • Brick & mortar business owners
  • Small business+ side hustles
  • Coaches+ consultants
Business Size (Annual Revenue):
  • Under 6-figures
Attendee / Member Industries:
  • Animal Services + Products
  • Apparel + Accessories
  • Beauty + Cosmetics
  • Digital Marketing
  • E-commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Food, Bev + Agri
  • Health + Wellness
  • IT + Software
  • Manufacturing + Fulfillment
  • Media + Entertainment
  • Non-Profit + Cause-Related
  • Personal + Lifestyle Brands
  • Physical Products + Retail
  • Sales + Investment
  • Travel, Venues + Hospitality
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