About + FAQ | April 2019


What is Go Further Together?

Go Further Together (GFT) is an entrepreneurial directory for events and communities that foster connection, support and growth for every level of business. Serving as a concierge to masterminds, live events, Facebook groups, course communities and paid memberships, GFT helps entrepreneurs find their tribes faster.

Why is it important?

The journey in business is inherently isolating – changemakers are *different* –  but lack of connection makes an already difficult calling even more challenging. On top of that, there’s not enough awareness, appreciation or ease of access to incredible events and communities that already exist. This site has been created to help eradicate entrepreneurial loneliness and help reinforce that there is, without doubt, a place they belong (and opportunities to aspire to!). We’re hoping they’ll discover you, their tribe, and become lifelong fans.

What are the different types of communities involved?

In order to clearly direct our users to different support structures and experiences, we’ve outlined some general context for each kind of community. 

  1. Mastermind : generally involves crowdsourced support from peer members (in the form of hotseat sessions and/or member-facilitated presentations), an accountability component, and potential in-person meet ups. Most masterminds will have a specific time frame associated with membership (ie. 6 months, 1 year, or can be a one-off event etc). Masterminds may be facilitated by a thought leader who shares their systems and strategy, but the value of membership is additionally weighted with the collaborative insight of the peer group and individualized support.
  2. Live in-person event / conference : one-off conference or summit that provides value primarily through exclusive content presented to an audience (as opposed to member-to-member collaboration). Most listed events occur annually or multiple times per year.
  3. Membership community : paid groups where value is primarily derived from the influencer/host of the community, access to exclusive resources and a forum. Memberships most likely have rolling admission with monthly subscription or annual fee.
  4. Course / program community : paid groups that require the one-time purchase of an affiliated course or program to enter.
  5. Free Facebook group : Goes without saying 🙂 (If there is a payment required to access your group, please list it as a membership community! If members are required to purchase a course prior to accessing your group, please list it as a course community!)
  6. Online summit : Virtual event series, free or paid.

Who posts the event/community listing?

Each listing on GFT is published in partnership with the leadership of that community- you know your target attendee/member better than anyone and we want to make sure the right people raise their hands. The publishing of your listing is created from your intake form and pushed live internally following review. We have communities fit for those starting, building and scaling (everything from side hustle memberships to premium 8+ figure masterminds) – it’s a comprehensive listing and all are welcome!

Is there a cost to listing my event/community?

We’d like to keep it free to post and access because we want your people to find you! We do include an intake prompt regarding openness to an affiliate/referral relationship in order to cover the cost of driving traffic to the site and continually upgrading user experience, but it isn’t mandatory.

  • If you decide to enroll or purchase a ticket, there is a small chance a commission percentage will come back to Go Further Together to support sending traffic to the site and upgrading your user experience!
  • Even though the majority of listings do not have an affiliate arrangement, we would still like to know how many people find their tribes through this site – so please, if asked let them know you came from GFT / JC sent you!

Can my team submit my listing for me?

If they’re aware of your ideal member/attendee, absolutely. Please review their answers before submitting!

How long does it take my listing to show up on the site?

Once the site is live (the formal soft launch date is the week of May 1, 2019) – it may take up to 48 hours to review and post.

Can I update/alter my listing later?

Of course 🙂

Do I have to be currently accepting applications in order to list my event/community?

Nope! This is also meant to be a tool that gets your opportunities on their radar while building brand recognition. When enrollment opens or tickets become available, let us know and we will adjust your listing.

My community is invite-only, can I still list?

Absolutely, we want to get community leaders and their brands in front of our users – premium or exclusive communities provide different tiers of motivation and we want to acknowledge community builders for their effort as well.

Do I have to make the cost public on my listing?

We ask for the specific investment in the intake form so that we can tier opportunities into buckets so potential members/attendees have context, but unless you have your ticket price/enrollment fee on your public site, we maintain your confidentiality. We often have event hosts who prefer us to include special offers (early bird pricing etc) and we’re happy to include that in your listing if so desired.

Who writes the comments/reviews?

We encourage you to ask your members/attendees to submit commentary on their experiences to help prospective members/attendees hear from your tribe! (Neither JC or GFT own the reviews, they are 100% crowdsourced.) Any negative reviews will be forwarded to your team for the opportunity to address (all reviews are monitored prior to publishing, and no hostile commentary will be accepted).

  • We encourage any commenters to include the following:
    • Year attended OR year program completed / still enrolled
    • Experience / thoughts on content, connections, community experience, transformation/outcome

Can I submit more than one community/event?

Absolutely, and we will link them all for users to navigate through.

I.e. You have a mastermind and a Facebook group, or you have an ongoing mastermind for members and also one-off events for the public, etc

When completing your intake forms, you’re welcome to note you’ve already submitted an answer for any redundant questions – just let us know in the appropriate field! (We keep it in because some answers vary for different communities even if the leadership is the same!).

Where can I submit my listing(s)?

Please visit our submission page by clicking here!

Can I nominate another community or event for a feature?

For sure – please click here to access the nomination form.

Who is JC Pelsey?

JC is the founder of GFT and is a business matchmaker + experience strategist for community and event optimization. From coordinating award programs and experiential marketing projects to consulting on strategic partnerships and influencer masterminds, JC has a penchant for helping business communities go further by working together. She has helped global brands and thought leaders distill their messaging and deepen the relationship with, and among, their communities through internal collaboration, strategic events and experience design (including EY, Anheuser-Busch InBev, professional sports teams, personal brands, startups and various masterminds). Her venture mission is to eradicate entrepreneurial loneliness by making connection and collaboration more approachable, while catalyzing both through the community directory/review site www.gofurthertogether.com. She is also an avid Cleveland sports fan, but please don’t hold that against her 😉

For more info on JC, please visit www.jcpelsey.com or connect on social @jcpelsey