“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb

We’re SO glad you’re here – there’s not enough awareness, appreciation or ease of access to incredible events and communities that exist! Serving as a concierge to different opportunities, this site has been created in partnership with incredible community builders and event hosts to help eradicate entrepreneurial loneliness and help reinforce that there is (without doubt) a place we belong – and opportunities to aspire to! We’re hoping our visitors will discover you, their tribe, and become lifelong fans.

If you are here to nominate an event or community you’d like to see listed, please click here!

If you’re here to submit your own event or community, thank you for creating a space for entrepreneurs to connect! Feel free to check out our FAQ and continue reading below to access the v1 intake forms.


Can I submit more than one community/event? I.e. You have a mastermind and a Facebook group, or you have an ongoing mastermind for members and also one-off events for the public, etc

Absolutely, and we will link them all for users to navigate through.

When completing your intake forms, you’re welcome to note you’ve already submitted an answer for any redundant questions – just let us know in the appropriate field! (We keep it in because some answers vary for different communities even if the leadership is the same!).

What are the different types of communities involved and how do I submit?

In order to clearly direct our users to different support structures and experiences, we’ve outlined some general guidelines for each kind of community. (i.e. there may be some “membership communities” that have the title “mastermind” in their name – that’s okay! Please select membership community if it’s a closer fit so the context of support is consistent!)


Please click the appropriate intake form link for your community type(s):

  1. Mastermind : generally involves crowdsourced support from peer members (in the form of hotseat sessions and/or member-facilitated presentations), an accountability component, and potential in-person meet ups. Most masterminds will have a specific time frame associated with membership (ie. 6 months, 1 year, or can be a one-off event etc). Masterminds may be facilitated by a thought leader who shares their systems and strategy, but the value of membership is additionally weighted with the collaborative insight of the peer group and individualized support.
  2. Event / conference : one-off conference or summit that provides value primarily through exclusive content presented to an audience (as opposed to member-to-member collaboration). Most listed events occur annually or multiple times per year.
  3. Membership community : paid groups where value is primarily derived from the influencer/host of the community, access to exclusive resources and a forum. Memberships most likely have rolling admission with monthly subscription or annual fee.
  4. Course / program community : paid groups that require the one-time purchase of an affiliated course or program to enter.
  5. Free Facebook group : Goes without saying 🙂 (If there is a payment required to access your group, please list it as a membership community! If members are required to purchase a course prior to accessing your group, please list it as a course community!)
  6. Online summit : Virtual event series, free or paid.

Have questions about your listing? Check out the FAQ here! If your question isn’t covered there, please email JC at jc@jcpelsey.com – happy to help!